How to Increase Facebook Page Likes Paid VS Free Method

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Today I am going to share how to increase facebook page likes. We discuss simple free and paid method about how to increase facebook page likes. Before starting I want to share follow me on Facebook and Twitter for Quick Solutions. So let’s start.

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes:

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest and the most popular social networking site on earth. There are more than a billion active users and is an excellent platform to attract prospective customers.

If you’re a blogger or a marketer, then you’ll have a Facebook page of your site, your goods or of your service. On this page, you may be posting updates to be able to get more followers and get more enjoys. But if you’re still struggling in getting more Facebook enjoys then you will need to read this article till the end.

Increase Facebook Page Likes Free Methods:

You can use these free methods to increase facebook likes. All these methods are free and mention below:

1. Do Share For Share:

There might be more than a billion pages on Facebook and it is highly possible you will find a lot of pages sharing the identical sort of content that you do.

When you reach a place where you don’t understand how to boost Facebook likes, you want to take the support of your competition.

Find the very same pages as yours and message them to understand if they’re interested in sharing your webpage link on their webpage. Inform them in return you may do the same. (Share for Share or shout-out-for-shout-out method)

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

2. Giveaways and Organize Contests:

You can organize a Contest on your FB fan page and give away something for free to your readers. This will aid you in gaining more followers since the people that already like your page will invite their friends as well to get involved in your contest.

You can add a rule that each of the participants needs to like your page so as to be eligible to win the prize.

3. Always Post Valuable Content that peoples most share:

I Should not say this, but nevertheless, there are those who post crappy updates on their Facebook pages. You ought not to post an update simply because you have not done it.

If you do not have anything to say, then why not share some useful You’re sending your readers to Some other site, but in doing this you’re not going to get rid of the People who follow you. Advocating an informative article.

4. Post Images & MEME’s:

If you really need to increase Facebook enjoys along with raising consumer engagement, then think about using relevant images in your articles.

An update containing a photograph can get 53 percent more enjoys, 104 percent more comments and 83 percent more click-throughs.

If you will use the pictures, then do not just use any picture — obviously no overall stock photos. You should use photos depending on the subject of your own Facebook page.

The Facebook page has more than 3 million enjoys and the website gets millions of visitors each month. The content posted is only comic strips. So if you’re good at drawing and sketching, then attempt to create a few images based on your own page’s topic and find out how they perform.

Memes and scrapbooking graphics perform well also, but it does not necessarily work on all categories. However, using a funny picture or a joke which reveals the condition in your market will work a whole lot better in comparison to other posts.

5. Embed Facebook Like Button on your Blog/Website:

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Making Your Facebook Page as discoverable as possible involves boosting your FB presence working with the marketing channels you currently have and eliminating any barriers for existing contacts to enjoy your webpage.

When You Have a site or blog, use Facebook’s various social plugins for people to’Like’ your webpage without needing to go over to

To amplify your webpage. It displays your webpage’s number of Likes along With the faces of a few of your Facebook fans. To execute it, see this link And customize your preferences. Then, create the code and embed it in your Website, website, and where else you would like it to appear.

Increase Facebook Page Likes Paid Methods:

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Advertising efforts and get the most out of your ad spend. Putting your Brand in front of your ideal audience is a terrific way to pick up more Facebook Likes. There are two different types of Facebook advertisements: Boosted articles and ad campaigns.

1. Boost Facebook Post:

By Fostering a post, you can extend the audience Outside Individuals who Already enjoy your Page. This can be a great option for a post that is Already been shown to be persuasive by bringing in a high number of Facebook Likes from individuals who follow your Page.

2. Run Ads Campaign:

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Facebook offers campaign objectives related to every sort of business. Since this post is about Getting Facebook Likes, we’ll focus on the Engagement objective, which is designed to expose your ad to a broad Audience to increase the amount of post or Page Likes. Ad from WealthSimple gives the choice to enjoy the Page with only one click.

3. Learn from Facebook Insights:

Analyzing Facebook Page Insights can provide you a clear view of who your current lovers are, that will help you better target future Facebook efforts. You’ll also have the ability to recognize the kinds of posts which have the greatest average reach and involvement and use that information to make more of the content that your audience wants from you on Facebook.

In the end, learning from your mistakes, amplifying your successes, and giving your followers articles you know they will enjoy are key approaches to raise the quality of your content, and direct to–you guessed it–more Facebook Likes.


Facebook ads are a wonderful way to reach hundreds of thousands of individuals that are wanting to follow pages and individuals that share significant content. So in the event, you use Facebook advertisements to advertise your page, then you may find a good deal of likes for a very inexpensive price.

But when you use advertisements to advertise your FB page or posts, be certain you target the correct audience and use appropriate pictures to get high CTR.

Gives you cheap enjoys, but I will share some points which you require To bear in mind while setting up advertising campaigns

Hopefully, You all like this post about How to Increase Facebook Page Likes So don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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